Dirty Games We Play – Review


Dirty Games We Play – Review  

So I was lucky enough to spend my Sunday evening at the ‘Dirty Games we play‘ event at Proud Cabaret in the city! The venue was perfect for the show, but, not so much an after party! But, hey ho that’s just my opinion…..

I think that all acts were talented! But, there will always be does that catch your eyes more than others! I personally think the presenter was a bit hit and miss. Some of his intros were very half-hearted. If I was some of the acts I think I’d be offended.

First up was Ragz Cv  a rapper and spoken word artist. I don’t know if it was a lack of confidence, or that a large percentage of the crowd were just refusing to interact with him.  I believe his spoken word piece about being mix-race was very interesting and personal. Good on you Ragz Cv!! Hope to see some more stuff as you proceed in your career!

Next up was a debate I came along with a friend who volunteered to be a part of! Scary!! The panel consisted of ourselves and three males! To be honest it was really whose voice was the loudest and who grabbed the mic first! I think in the space of time we spent on the debate we could have explored various topics. Not just two! The debate was highly entertaining, banter and comedy! Even my Mr got involved , well interrogated to be fair! Absolutely Hilarious!!! The concept behind having a debate was excellent I just think the not allowing everyone to finish their points went against the whole point! Again hey ho just my opinion….

         Next up was Dawson… A talented individual who seemed to really impress the crowd! I think most of the audience gave him such a warm response due to the technical aspect of his performance! He incorporated a looper, which looped different recorded pieces of his live performance creating his own backing track! His vocals were defiantly good but, the looper really boosted his performance…. Along with great confidence, giving him stage presence and holding my attention! Dawson really had some wicked beat boxing skills, that being unexpected made his performance very edgy!

Next was one of the most powerful acts I’ve seen in a very long time! Cue Lionheart ! Amazingly talented young man! Several rounds of applause! I was so captivated by his four pieces especially the last I couldn’t even complete my notes properly! He commanded so much respect , you were captivated and by far was one of the acts that actually really seemed to have the whole audience in the palm of his hand!  I’m not going to speak on all four but, ‘revelation’ had me really thinking ! This is exactly what spoken word is supposed to do!! Lionheart’s way with words is exceptional! Controversial excellence!

Next up will definitely not be easy to forget !! He had everyone laughing and giggling with excitement!! With comedy it’s either funny or it’s not and Axel Blake was HILARIOUS !!! I loved that many of his jokes grabbed at what was going on around him, making him that little bit funnier! Such speedy responses and moved between jokes quickly making sure there was never a dull moment.


The next act was to be honest who I really came to see! M to da E to da R to da C to da S to da T ON!!! Mercston! I think the crowd resorted back to their stushness and many females weren’t trying to get out of their seats to get down with the tempo specialist! However, this didn’t take away from his performance! As per it was high energy and fun!!! Mercston did a mash up of EP’s “Back to 95 part 1” and 2! Both bangers in their own right!! Also, did an oldie but goodie ‘good old days’ ! Clearly his performance were reaching scattered garage fans in the audience because, some people were defiantly getting down with him!! His stage presence was phenomenal… He used all of the stage and really put on a show! He was even encouraged to do two more songs!!! Clearly we were entertained. I suggested if you haven’t got “Back to ’95 part 1″ or 2 you need to cop that! Then you need !!! Look out for our upcoming interview with the man himself and finally get an answer to the question everyone wants to know ! When is the next shoobz??


Last but, not least Swiss former member of So Solid Crew, also had a high energy set a mixture of oldies but goodies!! At one point he had a whole gang of gangs run up on stage to jam with him to ‘Cry‘ clearly a timeless classic! Clearly his passion for music lives on after So Solid Crew ! He also mentioned he has an upcoming Ep … so be on the look out! Overall ‘Dirty Games We Play‘ put on a really good event with very talented acts! I would definitely go back! The vibe at the end was one of togetherness and a genuine love of music and having a good time! Always good to end on a high note!





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