The Rebel Tour Review – Ghetts


Look guys!!! I don’t know what you were doing on Sunday. If you were not at the final date of Mr. J Clarke aka Ghetts‘ tour then you missed out!!!

So, I am a grime convert! Someone who has only recently realised the talent and quality of some of the artists in the genre! Now I’m not going to pretend there weren’t any downsides but we will get there!

So, I arrived relatively on time! The opening acts were two very amazing up and comers, non other than Young Teflon and Stormzy! Young Teflon jumped on stage and did his thing, he wasn’t astounding but, he got a very good reception from the audience. His music is well known and had a lot of people singing along! I just felt he didn’t get us excited enough he didn’t seem amped enough, for me personally!

Now here is my issue the wait for the next act….. Not impressed! It was something like an hour till Stormzy graced us with his presence! Not sure if that was down to his own lateness but, We all became restless waiting thank god for  the DJ who did a nice job keeping the vibes going!

Back to the show Stormzy aka Mr. Stiff Chocolate rolled on to the stage, stayed humble thanking Ghetts for the opportunity and just dived in to his set! Now one thing about Stormzy he has exceptional stage presence!!! He had everyone singing along and jumping around! Really got the crowd ready for Ghetts ! He even gave us a sneak peak to WICKEDSKENG MAN part 4!!! So you know everyone was GASSED!!!

Again the vibe lulled for a little while in wait for Ghetts to tear up the stage, which he done in seconds! Running on to stage with his signature high energy and fast spitting style!


Ghetts had the crowd from the get go! You can tell he had some REAL fans in there! Spitting along to the old stuff and the new with the same enthusiasm! One thing about Ghetts his performances are never gimmicky, it’s all about the music! Just him, his guests and Live band! Now how many rappers/MC’s regularly spit to live band???

Now speaking on his guest he had some extremely well known artists Mercston, Kano, Chipmunk, Devlin, Prince Rapid, Lightning, Giggs, Wretch 32, Rival, Griminal and two very amazing singers Cameron Bloomfield and Jermaine Riley.

I’m not going to touch on everyone’s performance but, Rivals performance of ‘said to me’ is always touching to watch! But with a live band for me just took his performance to a different orbit! His sound is different and well developed he can make songs both hard core grime fans and those that dabble in the genre will love! Music of substance! Something Ghetts always promotes!

Now on to the most gassed performance of the night ‘man like me’ originally a song by Prince Rapid and Ghetts, Ghetts had everyone jump on stage. Kano came out first, which obviously got a MASSIVE reaction! Followed by Chipmunk and Devlin also, getting huge reactions from the crowd, they are all Original Grime artists that everyone listened to! The combination had everyone basically jumping with excitement! But, what was most entertaining was the enjoyment they were having with each other! Now when Prince Rapid came out he just put the bow on an already astounding package!!

Now back to Ghetts I think our favorite performance hands down has to be his performance of ‘Esco Spirit’ , something requested by the audience off of Momentum Part 2. The homage to Esco a grime pioneer who died a while ago, really showed us why we fell in love with Ghetts in the first place!

Exceptionally talented and hard working. Ghetts onwards and upwards!







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