The Baby Show 2014
The Baby Show 2014

I took my 15 month old daughter and partner to THE Baby Show at the Olympia, London 2014,

As soon as you walked in you got that baby feeling. There was crowds of pregnant mothers and fathers, the mothers looked excited and the fathers just wanted items to play with, there was an overload of buggies, carrying harnesses  and prams that were available.
The atmosphere was filled with love as you watched families prowl for the best prices and top gadgets to care for and protect their newborn bundles of joy. I loved that they had a baby changing area with free nappies and wipes available. They had a guide of where all the stalls were,  I did the traditional aisle by aisle.

The Baby Show 2014
The Baby Show 2014

The only downfall for me was that there was not enough educational products available. I think there needs to be a few more items aimed at children that have turned one and are starting to learn.

One of the few things I didn’t like was that there was far to many buggy pram stalls, it was like going out to look for a new car, in my opinion far to many choices. On the other hand, it was nice to have a representative of the individual brands there to show you how to work their buggy’s as they can be so complex.

I loved, that we were given the opportunity to buy brands we knew and loved at a slightly discounted price. I wish when, I was pregnant that I had gone to the baby show as it would have helped me decide what was the best products for both me and my daughter.  The layout of the stalls were really good as you didn’t have the same sort of items next to each other. I loved the fact that there was a play area for the babies. and a food court along the side so you don’t have to leave if you didn’t want to. It took us a few good few hours to go round the whole event.

On my journey I was looking out for the top 10 products, that are a must have for our

Current World Mums.

10 – Harina & co.


The Mummyme Moments feeding cover allows nursing mothers to discreetly feed their babies in public places without being exposed. It covers your bust and baby perfectly. I wish I had a design like this when i was breast-feeding. As a bigger busted lady I found this perfect to cover everything and not be concerned it may fall down. I Would buy this  when I have my next baby as I will be breast-feeding again.

9 – Next 2 me (Chicco)


Next 2 me (Chicco) I love this. I would have loved to have my daughter close tome like this when she was a little younger. I always worried that having her in my bed I may roll on to her, but with this I would have been able to have her close without hurting her. It makes it easier to pick your baby up when breast-feeding as you can adjust the hit so that they lay in line of your bed. It attaches firmly to your bed and can also turn into a crib that you can move around the room when you put the other side up. This is a must have when i have my second child.

8 – Bumgenius


I never used cloth nappies, yet I found these fascinating. Snap down designs adjusts to fit small, medium and large. There are 3 different types of inserts to suit your different needs. Organic inserts are suitable for those with sensitive skin, disposable and good for traveling and stay-dry inserts are perfect for any time and overnight and stay drier for longer. I would seriously consider trying cloth nappies with my next baby.

7 – Moccis


Perfect present. These shoes are non-slip and have even been podiatrist approved. They are long-lasting and are even machine washable. They have been Produced in Sweden, have an invisible support strap inside the shoe and are hand sewn. I would definitely love to purchase a pair of these for the 3 of us as they felt and looked so comfortable.

6 – Pearchild


Is lost child protection. This device can activate straight from your mobile phone. It’s suitable for toddlers and children up to aged 7 years old. It is able to operate in over 50 plus countries. Its designed to be child friendly with Captain Pear. It simply clips on to a childs clothing. this will definitely put a lot of parents minds at rest as we all know toddlers like to run once they start walking. @pearant

5 – Sing and Sign

Is a brilliant programme for babies to help them to communicate before speech. it helps parents to understand their  children’s needs, reduces the frustration that children go through when they have known way to tell you what they want. Musical activities help to stimulate language development and the songs they sing with children are an easy way to remember the signs. I will be taking my daughter to their next taster session. im sure she will love it.

4 – Mumma Bubba jewellery UK


We all know babies who are teething love to chew on everything. Well this is something mothers and children can enjoy. They are BPA free and they have a vast range of designs to suit all mums. They are made from FDA approved silicone. It’s perfect for babies to chew on when they are sat on their mothers laps or if you child is a little older they can hold it themselves.

My daughter loved it. Julie Thomas gave her one to play with and feel. My daughter then decided that it was hers and chewed away it showed me straight away that it’s what i had been missing for my daughter while she has been teething.

3 – Tidy books


They are an award-winning company.  Tidy books was established by a mum called Geraldine Grandidier in 2004. She created the original Tidy Books front facing bookcase for her own children. They have focused on they that children will choice a book. Children need to see the cover of the book in order for them to choose what they want to look at.

All the designs they have are original and are made with sustainable wood. These are a must have, we need to fuel our children’s love for books. I have already started my daughter’s book collection and this tidy book shelf will definitely be on my daughters christmas list.  @tidybooks

2 – Doona-The next generation car seat

It’s the first ever car seat that has a complete and fully integrated mobility solution. This product amazed me how easy it was to release the wheels and also to put the away so that it returned to just a car seat. I would have loved one of these when my daughter was born makes it so much easier to quickly nip out to town without having to pack the whole buggy with you. It comes in five different colours. They even have a seat protector so the dirt on the wheels don’t go on your car seat. @cuddleco

Number 1 – Infant Learning Company


I was amazed. Need I say more. They have educational products for children as young as 6 months old. The primary goal of The Infant Learning Company is to help make parents aware of the importance of teaching their children in the first years of life. Some may think it is all about play but teaching needs to start while children are young.  Whether you decide to teach your baby on your own or with their easy-to-use programs, they are there to answer your questions and help you along on the exciting path to early learning. Each year, new research suggests that infants have better higher cognitive functioning abilities than previously believed. When learning about toys or other objects, babies are allowed to use these capabilities while exploring with all of their senses. However, babies are expected to figure out language skills without using all of their senses. They provide books, DVD’s, visual cards which aid children to learn.




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  1. I can say from experience the “Your Baby can Learn system” works. I bought it in English and Spanish 4 years ago and have used it on both my children. it does require dedication by the parents to follow the programme.
    Great blog. Thanks

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