Cities in the sky? Or Underground?

Cities in the sky? Or Underground?

I watched the film DREDD recently an action sci fi film set in a futuristic city! and I remember saying to myself imagine if a place like that existed (in terms of the building) Then the other day I hear about Sky City in Changsha China proposed to be built by Chinese billionaire Zhang Yue  that would house up to 30,000 residents within a time frame of 7 MONTHS???? Unsurprisingly nearly 3 years on from the original proposal Sky City has not materialised. Due to financial backers pulling out with major concerns as to the never ending red tape involved with permits. Ultimately in China buildings of this magnitude go through a 3 stage clearance process Plan, Design and Construction Plan, Sky City failed at stage 3.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

After seeing the Burj Khalifa I’m thinking how did these astonishing monuments slide by me? and now the latest instalment in the sky is The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which once is completed will house up to 75,000 people!! currently due for completion in 2018

Not one to be proven that he did not know what he was talking about Chinese billionaire Zhang Yue set about building Mini Sky City in 2014 57 floors taking a staggering 19 days to complete!! housing 4,000 people along with commercial office space!

And that was just the recent megastructures that I found, my point is where are we going to be 30 years from now? Well according to engineers in Chicago and Amsterdam Subterranean is next! Yep in the West they are exploring digging down.

As of yet there are only underground homes as to opposed to publicised buildings or commercial space apart from the Dulce Complex in New Mexico but thats another article!!

I suppose the main reason why I wrote this article is to highlight the fact that the world is changing around us at a rapid rate, So rapid that if you blink you might just miss it!

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