UFC 200 Main Event Round Up

UFC 200 Main Event Round Up


After hearing the news that Jon Jones tested positive for a banned substance and subsequently would not be fighting as the main event against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 with 48 hours notice steps in Anderson Silva. With 5 fights from reputable fighters including 2 title fights and the return of Brock Lesnar UFC 200 was a big deal check out how the night/morning went down!

Cain Velasquez Vs Travis Browne



Well Travis Browne started the round positively but half way through the round the tide turned when Cain Velasquez unleashes a Round House Kick which did not land but set the pace. After Velasquez landed a heavy left hook Browne was in a daze and narrowly avoided another round house kick from Velasquez before being taken down and issued with a TKO. Good performance I’d say Velasquez is back on the hunt for his belt back!

Jose Aldo Vs Frankie Edgar

(Interim Featherweight Title Fight)



The round started off slow with both fighters feeling each other out and generally finding range, then towards the end of the round Aldo attempts a Jumping Knee which does not connect, followed by Edgar throwing a right kick which is partially blocked and countered by Aldo with a wild jumping left hook which momentarily drops Edgar who springs back to his feet, Aldo’s round in my opinion.


Edgar began the round with some applied pressure with Aldo on the back foot, both fighters landed combination punches with Aldo dealing with Edgar’s forward pressure by counter punching cutting Edgar above the right eye in the process. Possibly Edgar’s round based on forward pressure but Aldo landed the more significant strikes.


More of the same from Edgar only this time Aldo was holding the middle of the Octagon happy to counter. Much the same as round 2 both fighters having striking success, Edgar unsuccessful in a number of Take Down attempts while Aldo is landing significant strikes causing damage to Edgar’s nose Aldo’s round.


Championship Round

At this stage of the fight I’d say Aldo was winning although Edgar was making a good case for himself, but towards the end of the round Aldo starts slipping and countering a number of Edgar’s attacks and is looking comfortable Aldo’s round.


Final Championship Round

Aldo begins the round strong with no damage and looking fresh landing punches and kicks at will, Edgar on the other hand is a bloody mess and keeps on getting caught rushing in on Aldo.

Judges score cards

49 46, 49 46, 48 47

Aldo the New Interim Featherweight Champion

Daniel Cormier Vs Anderson Silva

(Light Heavyweight)

Daniel Cormier Vs Anderson Silva


After the first minuet Cormier takes Silva down and puts all of his weight on Silva in a Half Guard and begins his smothering operation. Cormier continues his Ground and Pound with Silva doing a lot of blocking, not a lot landing from Cormier but Cormier’s round.


Silva starts the round off with Kicks and Knees but not really landing any of them before the inevitable Take Down from Cormier comes and assumes Top Position. Not very entertaining for the crowd until the Ref stands them up, Silva obviously more successful in the Stand Up but Cormier makes good use of his extra weight and pins Silva to the fence Cormier’s round.


 Same as the 2nd round Silva starts well in the Stand Up but eventually gets taken down again into Top Position by Cormier. Again made to stand by the Ref in the last 2 minuets, Silva comes to life when he lands a Body Kick on Cormier but that was it Cormier’s round again in my opinion.

Judges score cards

30 26, 30 26, 30 26

Cormier Win

Brock Lesnar Vs Mark Hunt


Brock Lesnar Vs Mark Hunt


1st round starts of slow until Lesnar attempts a Take Down on Hunt which he eventually gets and gains Side Control of Hunt using his weight to his advantage landing some heavy blows. Hunt manages to get back to his feet before Lesnar takes him down again Lesnar’s round.


Slow start again with Hunt stopping Lesnar’s take down attempts more vigilantly, very little action with Hunt trying to get past Lesnar’s reach to land a strike even round.


Within moments Lesnar has taken down Hunt again with considerable ease and begins pounding Hunt’s body and face. Once Lesnar gained Full Mount it was pretty much a wrap for Hunt another round for Lesnar.

Judges score cards

29 27, 29 27, 29 27

Lesnar Win

Meisha Tate Vs Amanda Nunes

(Bantamweight Title Fight)


Tate starts the round quite slow and cagey but is successful with a Take Down but Nunes is back on her feet quickly. Nunes then becomes more successful with her head striking from Jabs and Straight Rights, Nunes lands another straight right and dazes Tate. Still standing Tate begins to retreat pursued by Nunes who catches Tate with an succession of Over Hand Rights, jabs and kicks bloodying Tate’s face. In a desperate attempt at a take down from Tate Nunes stuffs the attempt and ends up taking Tate’s back. After pounding Tate’s face Nunes traps Tate in a Rear Naked choke…… AND THE NEW!

Nunes the New Bantamweight Champion

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