Current World Attitude

Current World Media

We are based in the UK, London and our team is very close. We  have over 18 years worth of urban communications, event promotions, music plugging, studio management, street team management,  song writing, music artist road management, social event marketing & more.

Current World Connections, Current World Attitude

We the Current World Media Team aim to create a platform where new, fresh undiscovered news, media, music and lifestyle choices, can expose themselves to grass rooted humans, who themselves strive for difference and change.


The team are like minded, strong in heart, full of wisdom and are open to share. By identifying these few principals the team have decided to go global with our ethos and create all of our dreams, in the way we, think it should be done.


We offering our primary initial services, Photography and Article writing, and our our services are available on request Social Media Management| Blogging | Mixtape Management | Media Solutions| Sport Reviews | Music Reviews| Strategic Marketing Consultancy|



One response to “Current World Attitude

  1. Very interesting blog – and thanks for following mine from Kingston, Jamaica! By the way, I write a weekly post on Sundays with an overview and my thoughts on news and events in Jamaica which I think you would find interesting…

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